3ds Max

3ds Max is a software that helps designers to fully explore, validate, and communicate their creative ideas from initial concept stage to a final presentation. A lot of features are built into the software that allows a designer to simulate and analyse a design in different ways. 3ds Max is a software for architects and interior designers who require higher- quality skills and views that are not possible with the help of manual drawings or miniature models.

To convey a design to the client, designers used three- dimensional models in materials like cardboard and thermocole. To further add details, views of the designed space were drawn from different positions. As making models and drawing views are quite time consuming, these were made after the basic design was finalized from the various options available.

But now, with the help of a software like 3ds Max, it is possible to generate any number of views and look at all the options available without actually having to make models and views. Furthermore, editing the views is also quite easy. So, whenever a client comes for a discussion, the designer can actually show him what the space would look like.

Why Max for Engineers/ 3ds Max?

  • To understand if the visual weight in space is balanced
  • To avoid monotony of repetition
  • To create unity and harmony among the various design elements
  • Elaborate product/ material library.
  • Provisions to enable a designer to see how a space would look during the day, i.e., in sunlight, at night, and with artificial illumination.