MX Road

Bentley MXROAD is an advanced, string-based modeling tool that enables the rapid and accurate design of all road types. With MXROAD you can quickly create design alternatives to achieve the "ideal" road system. Upon selection of the final design alternative, MXROAD automates much of the design detailing process, saving the user time and money.

MXROAD was developed outside of the UK as a collection of Wizards that would work inside the MX application. These were focused upon roadway design and analysis, which was a departure from the toolbox approach that MOSS and MX had taken beforehand. MXROAD was launched in 1997.

At its core, Bentley MXROAD Suite uses 3D string modeling technology—a proven, powerful, and concise method of creating any 3D surface. Localized to many country standards, MXROAD Suite includes an extensive library of road styles, the ability to design and dynamically re-grade junctions and roundabouts, and built-in rules for fast and efficient application of super elevation.

By designing your road completely in 3D, the included surface analysis tools allow engineers and designers to identify and correct potential problems during the design phase rather than incur the high cost of re-work on site.

Why MX Road?

  • Rapid, Accurate Design of All Road Types in 3D
  • Project Team Collaboration
  • Data Collector Compatibility
  • Full Alignment Design Capability
  • Proven Technology
  • Native DGN and DWG support