RCC Detailing

Advance Concrete software for concrete design and detailing is built on the AutoCAD platform. Work with easy-to-use, comprehensive tools to help accelerate more accurate modeling and automate the creation of construction drawings and deliverables. Interoperability with Revit software supports a more connected Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow.

Autodesk's RCC detailing provides a set of tools for detailing bars and meshes freely, directly on the 2D drawings. The software constructs and maintains a 3D model from the bars detailed on the drawing, which enables visualization, clash checking and quantity take-offs. Using this reinforcement detailing method you can generate drawings for any special shapes, regardless of the complexity. Bending details and multiple symbols can be created automatically for the entire reinforcement drawing.

Autodesk Advance Concrete enables assignment of parametric reinforcement attributes for each object (beam, column, openings). Reinforcement drawings are then automatically created! You can also create custom reinforcement templates and associate them to structural elements.

Each reinforcement style can be customized and applied for multiple situations. Different templates can be saved and used for the entire model, allowing a huge time-saving and reinforcement drawings are obtained in seconds after only few clicks. In addition, you can modify the style parameters, apply them and see the modifications in real time.

Dynamic Reinforcement is an exclusive technology that significantly accelerates the creation of reinforcement drawings by automating the placement of reinforcement bars and by keeping drawings up-to-date when projects are modified. It rapidly reinforces standard elements (e.g., beams, columns, footings, etc.) by integrating them in their context, as well as element nodes and junctions (e.g., wall/wall or wall/slab connections), and prefabricated elements.

The advantage of this new technology is that once a complex reinforcement solution is created, it can be saved and re-used for all the similar cases in other projects, leading to a significant time-saving, especially when similar reinforcement layouts appear repeatedly in the structure. Autodesk Advance Concrete has a set of predefined solutions that can be used immediately or that can be quickly adapted to suit your needs.

Why RCC Detailing?

  • Detail bars and meshes freely, directly on 2D drawings, as Advance Concrete creates and maintains a 3D model
  • Select from a library of predefined bar shapes
  • Assign parametric reinforcement attributes for each object (beams, columns, openings)
  • Automatically optimize mesh and bent mesh reinforcements
  • Create and visualize 3D reinforcement cages, and check clashes more easily