Running a car, a ship, an airplane or a machinery to its maximum capacity; & check the efficacy of each of its components in flawless performance of the machine was very difficult in the past. In the absence of a physical working prototype of an actual product we can not be certain of its successful functioning. Rapid advancement in computer application for various complex uses can also be adopted to simulate actual product. ANSYS Software makes this possible.

Today, Computer Technology helps solving most complex problems. It is effectively used not only for structural analysis but also for a wide range of phenomena such as static (structural, creep, fatigue, fracture) dynamic (linear and non-linear), vibration and noise, heat transfer, fluid flow; in addition to manufacturing processes such as Injection molding & metal formimg.

As CAD/ CAM/ CAE technology advances, ANSYS, evolved as the most popular & complete CAE package, with its highly powerful capabilities to help us understand the real world functionality of a design. ANSYS enables engineers to build computer models, study physical responses , Optimizes a design and perform prototype testing in virtual environment.


  • Bi-directional, parametric links with all major CAD systems.
  • Integrated , analysis-focused geometry modeling, repair and simplification via ANSYS design modeler.
  • Highly automated, physics aware meshing.
  • Automatic contact detection.
  • Complex project schematics can be saved for re-use.