CREO is a complete suite of concept design, 2D, 3D, simulation and analysis engineering software. CREO has taken into account how product design & development is done in modern days, using diverse tools with the participation of people of a variety of skills, from different locations.

CREO's wide range of products facilitate both engineers and casual users capture & contribute ideas graphically, and take their fleeting concepts into physical products within the same environment, though idea can be contributed using over 200 document types such as MS word to MCAD to ECAD drawings.

CREO makes conversion of 2D to 3D, and usage of 3D geometry for simulation & analysis possible.


  • Bi-directional, parametric links with all major CAD systems.
  • Integrated , analysis-focused geometry modeling, repair and simplification via ANSYS design modeler.
  • Highly automated, physics aware meshing.
  • Automatic contact detection.
  • Complex project schematics can be saved for re-use.