Solid Works

Solidworks is a 3D mechanical CAD program that runs on Microsoft Windows which was developed by Solidworks Corporation, headquartered in USA, a subsidiary of Dassault Systemes. Solidworks provided engineers, designers & other creative professionals with the tools they need to design the world's greatest products.

Solidworks provides a full range of integrated modelling, simulation, visualization; communication & validation tools that product designers need to develop better products faster and at lower cost. In addition, its unique capabilities enable the mechanical designer to concentrate on the product design.

Why Solid Works?

Solid works enables the design engineer to:-

  • Precisely turn creative creative concepts into 3D designs.
  • Create the most ergonomic designs possible
  • Produce design iterations in less time.
  • Reduce prototyping time & costs
  • Work with customer data
  • Manage product information more effectively.
  • Render highly detailed 3D designs.